Hi5 project

Before you dive in to the world of Cloudio, we thought we'd introduce you to GraspIO Studio's features while we help you create your first project.
You can also run this activity anytime from the Accounts section of GraspIO Studio.

This simple project uses the features of GraspIO Studio to create a project that

  • displays a Hi5 emoji on the OLED and turns on the buzzer when you move your hand towards the on-board IR sensor
  • displays an emoji of your choice on the OLED and turns off the buzzer when you move your hand away from the on-board IR sensor

This project explains how you can -

Use and set parameters for the GraspIO blocks across categories

  • Control blocks (Conditional and code blocks such as Loop and If)
  • Input blocks (IR sensor)
  • Output blocks (Buzzer)
  • Notifier blocks (OLED)

Use the Read functionality of Input blocks

  • to read real-time values from the board on a network connection.

Use the Edit toolbar to

  • to Cut, Copy, Paste, Select, and Delete blocks in the Code Area.