Input blocks

These blocks correspond to the sensors (on-board and externally connected) on Cloudio. They are used with control blocks, to read sensors values and compare them against threshold values to create your projects.
A combination of 13 Analog and Digital standard sensor types are currently supported in GraspIO Studio, in addition to a Generic sensor block that you can use to connect any external sensor and customise to use as per your needs. External sensors with a 5V rating can be connected to ports S1, S2, and S3 on Cloudio.

These blocks are:
SONAR (Ping)
Generic (Generic sensor)

Read functionality

You can use the Read option in the config panel to receive real-time values from the selected sensor to better understand the range of the sensor(s) and thus use the appropriate comparison values in your projects.
Read 1
Read 2

You can receive the max, min, and mid values received from the sensor in the Read duration.
Read 3


1.An input block can only be used inside the head of an If/While/Monitor/IFTTT block. When used within If and While blocks, they act as conditions; act as triggers when used within an IFTTT block, and their values are monitored and saved when used in a Monitor block.

2.The on-board sensors are labelled on the board while external sensors can be connected to ports S1, S2, S3. While selecting the port for a sensor, ensure that the port selected on the mobile app matches with the on-board port or the port to which the external sensor is connected.
On Board
On-board sensors and ADC ports highlighted above.

For ex: if you’re using an external IR sensor connected to S1, make sure to change the port number from the default on-board IR to S1 in the config panel of the IR block.

Ir 1
Ir 2

3.External sensors with a 5V power rating are supported on Cloudio. Additionally, care must be taken to match the polarities while connecting them to the Cloudio board.