Block description

The code running on the board is halted for the delay specified in the block. The delay can be set in milliseconds, seconds, and minutes. It can range from a minimum of 1 millisecond to a maximum of 9999 minutes, approx. 7 days.

App interface and usage

Delay duration:

You can set the delay in milliseconds, seconds, and minutes from the range - 1 millisecond to 9999 minutes .

Delay 1


One of the useful applications of this block is when you want to observe a delay between state changes, say the changes in the LED colours.
Introducing a delay between consecutive blocks makes the colour change discernible to the human eye. This application is highlighted in the below example.


  1. The below code snippet turns the LED on in different colours with each being turned on for a different duration. This duration is set using the delay block.
    Delay Ex